Often older people under-occupy larger family homes whilst growing families are desperate for more space but can’t afford to move.

At Knaphouse we create fully adaptable living spaces to suit every family’s individual needs, so as your family changes size it is easy to reduce or increase the size of your home, making this a modern, logical, new way of living. 

The Design

Multiple Knaps can be arranged in whatever arrangement you like, enabling you to maximise your land and create a bespoke floor plan that makes sense for your family. When it’s just the two of you, one Knap is all you’ll need. One Primary unit provides 55.6 sq. metre of living space, including its mezzanine.


When you need more room for your growing family, there’s no need to move house, just simply add another Knap onto your existing one. Once ordered and built in our workshop, it will be placed and connected to your existing Knap in just one day.


The only limit to how many Knaps you can have is down to the land you own. Each Knap is super easy to install or take away if you decide you want to downsize, leaving little to no damage to the ground it sits on. 


Depending on both the land you own and how you want your house to flow, you can decide to arrange your Knaps in whatever order you like, changing it at any point to optimise your view, or separate bedrooms as your family grows.


4 Knaps connected together provides 179.1 square meters of space. Taking into consideration that an average 4 bed new build house in the UK provides between 105.2 square meters and 157.4 square meters this puts into perspective how big this really is. This structure also naturally creates a 16.4 square meter personal garden space in the centre, which is large enough for some decking, seating and a BBQ.


This modular setup makes Knaphouse highly flexible to your needs and adaptable to its surroundings. Add extra Knaps for extra space, take one away when it’s not needed, create your own floor plan and then change it when the time comes.

Off Grid / On Grid

We want to cater to as many individuals and families as possible, and we fully encourage everyone to live a more sustainable, environmentally friendly lifestyle. For this reason we have created both an on-grid and off-grid version of the Knaphouse.



Off-grid means that you aren't connected to regular services. You are living self sufficiently, without the help of public utilities. Don't worry though, our build has bridged the gap between on-grid and off-grid living meaning that you can live very comfortably, whilst making a positive impact to the environment.  



  • Solar panels to generate power

  • Pellet burner to generate heat

  • Rain water storage hidden in the chassis

  • Septic tank storage hidden in the chassis

  • Water thermal recovery system

  • Low energy appliances throughout



When living on-grid you are connected to regular services, just like a traditional house. This means that the items included in our off-grid Knaphouse aren't needed, including its solar panels, pellet burner, rainwater storage, septic tank and thermal recovery system. We do still encourage buyers to use low energy appliances, however, they are not compulsory. 



There is nothing stopping you adding any of the off-grid extra options back into your on-grid build if you want to benefit from them, and also help our environment. Just ask, and we will deliver. 


Once you’ve decided if you’re living on-grid or off-grid you then get to choose how much space you need. If you decide you only need 1 Knap for now then we would give you a Primary Knap. This provides everything you need to live, including a fully functional bathroom, kitchen (including appliances), double bedroom, living area and mezzanine.

If you want to add extra space then you can connect as many Empty Knap units as you like to your existing Primary Knap, giving you the unique opportunity to create your own bespoke floor plan. You’re then able to add internal walls and mezzanines to form rooms and spaces.

  • Total External Height: 4.66m

  • Total Internal Height: 3.52m

  • Total External Length: 12m

  • Total Internal Length: 11.61m

  • Total External Width: 3.9m

  • Total Internal Width: 3.39m

  • Floor Space (Ex Mezzanine): 41.2 sq/m

  • Mezzanine Floor Space: 14.5 sq/m



  • Total Weight (exc chassis): 15,017kg

  • Total Chassis Weight: 3,260kg



  • Total Weight: 15,017kg

    (no chassis when on-grid)


With our unique system, which allows us, after a soil test to install a removable foundation system, we can not only have your Knap put into place within one day, but when removed from site it leaves almost no visible or ecological impact on the ground.