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Knaphouse is a highly adaptable, movable and economically friendly housing option. They can be used in many ways, from a home studio, full time house, rural retreat or working office.

What is a Knaphouse?


Adaptability - A Knaphouse is a prefab, modular build which allows you to create and adapt your house to fit your needs. As your family grows, your Knaphouse can grow with you by easily adding extra units. If you want to move location or adapt the layout of your units at any time you can. Additionally you can purchase empty units and create internal floor plans by adding walls and mezzanines where you like.

Sustainability - All materials within a Knaphouse have been thoughtfully considered. However, a Knaphouse is built mainly from Accoya, which is a sustainably harvested wood. Our suppliers themselves take environmentalism very seriously and have been awarded a Gold ‘Cradle to Cradle’ certificate. The timber is always locally sourced and has been proven to be CO2 negative over its full life cycle. It is also non toxic and fully biodegradable.

Clever - Off-grid units come fitted with the latest integrated technology to keep you living comfortably off grid including solar panels, battery storage and water storage and filtration. All primary units, on or off grid come fitted with a digital control panel enabling you to manage many household features including lights, electrical goods, blinds, water and power levels remotely.

Movable - You can pick your Knaphouse up and move location at any time. It only takes one day to reinstall on your new site, and our removable foundation system leaves little to no impact to the ground when we take it away.

The wall - Our patented wall design boasts incredible insulation properties that are beyond building standards, not only keeping you warm throughout the year but also keeping your heating bill amazingly low.

What’s so special about it?

Please visit out Pricing Page for more details. If you have any questions that aren’t answered on the website then please do get in touch via email.

How much do they cost?


Yes, we are currently taking orders for a limited number or initial builds. If you would like us to see if your project is feasible then please get in contact by sending us an email - info@knaphouse.com

Are Knaphouse’s available to buy?


Do I need planning?

As we are technically classified as a mobile home, more often than not planning permission isn't required. However the rules can change in different locations, so we recommend contacting us to clear this up first. 


Where can I put my Knaphouse?

Send us your address and we will be able to tell you if it is possible to place a Knaphouse there. Our limitations can come down to road access with our specialist cranes. 

At the moment we are only building Knaphouse’s in the United Kingdom. We have every intention of expanding abroad, and will let all our international contacts know once we start shipping to their country, as well as announcing the milestone on social media.


Will I need a site survey?

Yes, if we know we can deliver to your location our next step with be to carry out a full site survey before we begin the build. 


Will it rot?

No. Please refer to our Geek’s Guide (linked at the top of this page) for further information.


Is there a limit to how many Knaps I can buy?

No, you can purchase and link as many or as few Knaps together as you like, to create your ideal space.


Are there any limitations as to how I can position them?

The only limitation will be down to the land your put it on. If we place it on land that doesn’t easily allow for a certain layout then we may recommend alternative options to make the most of the surroundings and views. 


Do I need to paint it or maintain it externally?

As we are a timber build there is an element of maintenance to keep your Knaphouse looking spot on however, you will need to do very little, to keep it in optimal condition. We have different external options, which require different levels of maintenance, all of which we go through with you when you choose your personal specifications. However, worst case scenario your Knaphouse will need to be re-painted externally every 12 years. We do offer maintenance packages to cover this.


 Is it available worldwide?

Currently we are only available in the UK, but we do have plans to expand in time so keep an eye out for us. 


Are there any limitations of living in a Knaphouse compared to a regular house?

No. Knaphouse is fully functional living. However, if you have chosen an off-grid option then you may have to be slightly more conservative with your services and amenities, than you would be in a ‘normal’ house....but that’s kind of the point right?!


Will I be able to hear outside noise?

The Knaphouse is triple glazed and heavily insulated so it will perform better than a regular house when it comes to hearing outside noise. 


Can I participate in Knaphouse? 

Please refer to our ‘Meet The Team’ page. If we currently have any positions available then we will happily consider your application. 


Will I be able to watch TV and have internet?

If you are connected to services with an on-grid Knaphouse then yes, absolutely. If you choose to live off-grid then location will dictate the quality of your internet services. You will still be able to watch TV as long as you obtain a TV license.


Can I place a Knaphouse in my back garden and then rent it out?

Planning law states that within the UK this is not an option. However, you can move into the Knaphouse yourself and then rent your house out. That’s planning for you!


How big are they in comparison to a regular house? 

One Primary Knap provides 55 square meters of living space, including its mezzanine which is the equivalent to an average 1-2 bed flat in the UK. 4 Knaps connected together (1 primary, 3 additional) provides 179 square meters of space. Taking into consideration that the average 3 bedroom, new build townhouse in the UK provides between 92 sq/m - 94 sq/m, and an average 4 bed new build house provides between 105 sq/m - 157 sq/m this puts into perspective how much space this really is.


Can I flush my toilet when living off-grid?

Yes, you can treat it like a regular toilet.


Where does my waste go when living off-grid?

An off-grid Knaphouse, requires an external septic tank. All options will be given to you at your design meeting.


Does it conform with current building regulations?

Yes. Knaphouse’s are built not only to achieve, but exceed UK building regulations.


Do you offer financing?

We do not personally offer financing at the moment, however we are currently exploring this as an option. We recommend buyers explore financing options themselves with their local banks as Knaphouse’s are classed as mobile homes and are lendable on given your own personal financial situation.


Can I get a different internal floor plan?

Absolutely! We have minor limitations in regards to where you can put your wet rooms, however we pride ourselves on being highly adaptable! When you buy an empty Knap you can create your own rooms by putting walls, mezzanines and amenities where you like.


Do you work with non-profit organisations or councils?

We’d love to discuss bringing affordable housing to you. Please email info@knaphouse.com to ask us more about this.



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