This all started from a simple conversation between our founders during a normal working day. Sophie had just bought her first home taking out a 40 year mortgage, meanwhile Adrian, coming up to his 50th birthday was unable to secure such a mortgage.

This got them thinking..

Surely, the simple act of owning a home shouldn’t be so difficult. Why must we sign away the majority of our income every month just to call a place home? Why do we currently live in houses that have such a cost to our environment? Why are new houses so limited in functionality for our changing families? Surely, there should be a better option?

Together, that day, they came up with the initial concept of the Knaphouse - somewhere CLEVER, AFFORDABLE, SUSTAINABLE and ADAPTABLE. 



It all started...

Within weeks of their first conversation back at the beginning of 2016, the first designs of Knaphouse had been drawn up. 


6 months later...

After 6 months of ideas and countless drawings they brought in outside consultants including architects, planning officers and industry experts. 


by 2018...

By the beginning of 2018 the design of Knaphouse was finalised, right from the basic structure down to the last fixing.



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