Knaphouse vs. a conventional house…


Lower Co2 Contribution

It takes over 80 tonnes of CO2 to build an average 2 bedroom house in the UK! This is not a sustainable way of building.

Knaphouse is built to tackle climate change and we have therefore used sustainable materials throughout, with a strong intention to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. It takes only 2.58 tonnes of CO2 to build a same sized Knaphouse.

HOWEVER, as a Knaphouse is primarily built of Accoya (a sustainably harvested wood) which acts as a CO2 sink, absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, one Knaphouse unit actually has an overall negative CO2 impact.


Lower Running Costs 

Heating alone results in 10% of the nation’s carbon footprint, as most of the energy for heating buildings comes from carbon intensive sources.

After three years in the making our patented wall design has incredibly low levels of thermal transmittance, this means that significantly less heat is able to escape the house.

We have also made sure to use low energy LED lighting, and only the most highly efficient appliances throughout the build.

What does this mean for you? Over the course of a year living in an on-grid Knaphouse could save you on average £705.00 in heating and lighting bills compared to a traditional brick-built house. Additionally, if you choose to live off-grid this saving could amount to even more, coming to a saving of £1420.00 per annum, costing only £220.00 on average a year.


Consistently High Quality

A traditional house is built on site and can take months, even years to finish. Causing damage to land, typically using more materials, costing more and creating houses that can differ in quality.

Prefabricated, factory-built housing is becoming increasingly popular. The production line process bypasses weather and personnel-related delays, building times can be shortened by at least one-third, there is less waste thanks to increased upfront planning, rework is minimal, the finished product contains less materials than a traditionally built house and controlled factory environments enable builds to be of a consistently high quality. Factory environments eliminates any possible problems at the build stage before the house is finally transported to site, ultimately keeping the build process stress free and streamlined compared to typical site-built housing.



Traditional housing sadly doesn’t suit the needs of a modern family as well as it could. Ideally a house is able to grow, shrink and adapt to suit the changing needs of your family. Yes, you could add an extension to a brick-built house, but that’s not an extension that you could ever sell down the line, or take with you when you want to move.

A Knaphouse is completely modular, meaning you can connect units together in different formats, to create the home you want and need. You can sell a unit when you realise you no longer need the space or opt to add an additional unit as your family grows. See our “Adaptable” page for more details.



Knaphouse is light enough to be transported, so instead of being chained down to one location as you are with traditional housing, you can choose to move whenever you like. Instead of moving house, move THE house and avoid all the hassle and huge expenses of that house moving and renovation associated with traditional builds.



Knaphouse is a world-changing design, utilising the latest in sustainable technology, to create a house that works with you as efficiently and effectively as possible. It’s built to be smart from the inside out. Utilising a revolutionary wall design, offering fully off-grid living and encompassing new technologies into the build so there’s no retrofit needed.

We provide a digital control system with every Knaphouse enabling you to control your home remotely such a turning off appliances that were left on. We know this kind of technology already exists however we’ve taken it to the next level, allowing you to manage your energy usage remotely. So, if you’re living off-grid and relying on solar energy but it’s been a pretty dreary day, your house will ask you if you still want to run the washing machine that evening or if you’d rather wait for a sunnier day. After all it’s all about balance.

Creating an incredible living space that that’s one of the most energy efficient houses in the world.


Fully Off-Grid Option

We are excited to be able to offer a fully modular, off-grid, full-time living solution. So far, no traditional houses can offer this.

If you’re as keen to do your part for the environment as we are and are thinking about living off-grid, then consider Knaphouse. We believe we have bridged the gap between the comfort of on-grid living without the reliance or environmental impact that it brings.


Removable Foundations

Traditional houses can require up to 2.5 metres of concrete to be laid into the ground, permanently contaminating the land.

With our corkscrew system, which allows us, after a soil test to install a removable foundation system, we can not only have your Knap put into place within one day, but when removed from site it leaves almost no visible or ecological impact on the ground.


Appropriate for Flood Risk Areas

Traditional housing typically requires you to be located in one place, unable to move for want or necessity.

Our corkscrew foundation system allows us to build stilts for flood risk areas. Keeping your house safe and dry. Knaphouse is also adaptable in the respect that its foundation system and movability allow it to work in previously unusable locations such as car parks and rooftops.